Tattoo Removal

Transforming radiation tattoos, decorative tattoos, self-made tattoos, and dirt tattoos back into clean, natural looking skin.

Removing my tattoo

A lot of people get tattoos they later regret.
We offer a way to get rid of these without surgery.

Although there are other methods, such as cryosurgery and dermabrasion, the most effective is laser tattoo removal. A focused and targeted beam of light penetrate the skin to be absorbed by and break down pigments causing the tattoo to fade over time. How many sessions you will need to achieve the desired result is dependent on the size, location, age, and color(s) of the tattoo.

Different types of lasers have been engineered to break down the pigments of specific colors. The light produced by the laser targets tattooed parts of the skin, leaving pigment-free skin untouched. As the pigments break down, the immune system gradually removes them from the body and the affected areas heal. We will typically schedule sessions about three weeks apart.

Tattoos are not forever

Optimal aesthetic results can be obtained in a series of treatment sessions.
Immediately following each treatment session, most people resume their regular activities.
If you no longer desire a tattoo and feel you would be happier having it removed, please contact us for an appointment.

Our Tattoo Removal Procedures:

The level of discomfort you will feel during the laser removal process will vary depending on the location, color and size of the tattoo. It can be uncomfortable due to the heat produced by the laser, especially for larger pieces in certain locations. Over the counter medications (excluding aspirin due to the potential for bruising) and local anesthetic can help manage the discomfort. We offer nitrous oxide for those who would like it.

Decorative Tattoo Removal:


Dirty Tattoo Removal:

Dirt tattoos occur after an accident when the skin is abraded usually on gravel or asphalt. Some of the dark coloured material can remain in the skin. This can usually be treated with laser in the same manner as a decorative tattoo, but often resolves in far fewer treatments.

Radiation Tattoo Removal:

Women who have breast radiation are often given radiation tattoos. This helps the technician accurately aim the radiation in the treatment area. We offer complimentary radiation tattoo removal on the chest and upper abdomen for breast cancer survivors.

Tattoo Removing Results: Before & After

Tattoo Removal SeattleBefore / After
Tattoo Be-goneBefore / After
Seattle Tattoo RemovalBefore / After