Procedures: Hair Removal

How do you safely remove unwanted hair?

Many people have unwanted hair. While some are bothered by the inconvenience of tweezing or waxing, others experience extreme embarrassment due to the presence of hair in large areas of the body or where hair doesn’t commonly grow. Whatever the reason, unwanted hair can be eliminated with laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

What we provide for our Hair Removal patients:

Hair Removal Experts Hair Removal Experts

Dermatology Associates of Seattle makes recommendations that are best for your particular skin type and desired outcome starting with a brief consultation. Patient treatments and plans vary on skin type and circumstances, but its best to expect a reduction, verses total eradication, of all hair. Typical response from our hair removal procedures is 80%-90% reduction of target hair growth. As with all treatments, individual results may vary.

Permanent Hair Removal

How do I schedule a Hair Removal appointment?

Laser hair removal can save you time and money. Our licensed providers at Dermatology Associates of Seattle have perfected the process and are ready to work with you to remove unwanted hair. Reach out today and see if what we can offer is right for your lifestyle. Call us today at (206) 267-2100.

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