Procedures: Fat Reduction

What is the best solution for fat reduction without surgery?

Vanquish is an FDA-cleared treatment which reduces the waist's circumference and destroys resistant fat cells to achieve a beautifully contoured abdomen and trim waistline. Vanquish is a painless, non-invasive treatment that precisely targets heat into the fat layer while protecting surrounding skin. Vanquish ME creates a high-frequency energy field and employs a panel array to treat the entire core in one application.
Fat cells will go.

Fat Reduction

What makes Vanquish the best option?


There is a range of technologies that provide a variety of options available for non-surgical body contouring and fat reduction. Dermatology Associates of Seattle uses Vanquish ME and Exilis Elite technologies to target fat around the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs. Both treatments are designed to destroy fat cells that lie just beneath the skin through apoptosis (natural cell death). Apoptosis occurs if cells reach temperatures above certain thresholds for extended amounts of time. Vanquish heats the fat cells up to 43-45 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature required to cause apoptosis. The skin above and the muscles below the subcutaneous fat layer stay at a colder temperature because of naturally higher levels of moisture.

Unlike other radio frequency based systems, Vanquish ME uses what is called a panel array that treats the whole of the abdominal area. Because a more extensive area gets treatment at the same time, a higher overall circumferential inch reduction around the entire abdomen occurs. The power emitted by Vanquish is not harmful to the surface of the skin because it is tuned to be absorbed by fat.

Do I need anesthesia for any of these fat reduction treatments?

There is no need for anesthesia. These treatments are performed as outpatient procedures and require no downtime. The body naturally eliminates dead fat cells. Vanquish is more precise than other fat reduction systems, allowing it to remove fat cells efficiently. Also, Vanquish ME can provide the added result of the subtle tightening of the treated area.

The Vanquish treatment schedule is a series of four sessions spaced one week apart. Patients usually experience a one-inch decrease from the waist and up to 2-3 inches after the four treatments! Results in each individual vary. The final results are permanent and can be maintained with sensible eating and consistent exercise.

Non-surgical Fat Reduction

How do I get started?

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