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Dermatology Associates is one of the largest psoriasis treatment centers in the northwest. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to the latest practices in treatment and research. We currently offer narrow band UVB, PUVA UVA/UVB booths, narrow band UVB hand and foot units and a Pharos (excimer) Laser. If you're suffering from psoriasis make an appointment with our office today. Our provider's can you help you determine if phototherapy will be a good treatment for you and make life with psoriasis more manageable. 


  • Pharos Eximer Laser

    Pharos Eximer Laser If you suffer from psoriasis, you know the frustration of stubborn skin plaques that may not respond to gels or creams and hours spent in phototherapy. Traditionally hard-to-treat areas such as knees, elbows, and scalp are easily treated. The revolutionary Pharos™ excimer laser system is providing long lasting results and effective relief from the painful, disfiguring symptoms of psoriasis. Just a few minutes with Pharos™ in a series of two to three times a week may improve your condition. This laser treats scaly skin plaques quickly and effectively, often in just 6-12 brief treatment sessions. It is ideal for those with psoriasis on less than 5% of their body and also for those with a history of skin cancer. It also provides long-lasting relief, typically several months free of symptoms. The Pharos™ uses a carefully focused beam of light, delivered through a sophisticated fiber-optic device that helps prevent exposing healthy skin to harmful ultraviolet rays. Most insurance plans cover this treatment.
  • Referral Information

    A referral is required by one of our providers to begin phototherapy treatment. Phototherapy services are covered by most insurances.
  • Phototherapy Treatment Center

    One of our providers will refer you to the phototherapy treatment center with a treatment plan. The amount of time and visits will vary for each patient. For more severe cases of psoriasis patients are asked to make three visits a week with each visit taking no longer than 20 minutes. As your skin begins to clear up the visits will become less frequent. Once you arrive you will be asked to put on a gown in the changing area unless you are receiving treatment on just your feet and hands. Patients receiving full body light treatment will be asked to step into a standing UVA/UVB booth. This booth looks similar to a tanning booth. Patients having their hands and feet treated will be asked to sit at a small hand and foot UVB unit. Please call our phototherapy technicians for any additional questions 206-267-2607.

    The treatment center is open three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00a.m.-6:15p.m. Closed on Tuesday and Thursday.

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