You may have seen the treatment on television or read about celebrities currently endorsing it. Many women wonder how will their life improve, can they afford it and is it worth it?

Who benefits from THERMIva treatment:
THERMIva could be a great option if you suffer from urinary incontinence, have lost elasticity after childbirth, are experiencing daily vaginal dryness, discomfort during intimacy or just want to improve your labial appearance. Also, women who are experiencing inflammation, tenderness and dryness from chemotherapy treatments are also benefiting from this treatment. The entire procedure is painless and doesn’t require any anesthesia or medications. Before THERMIva the only way you could treat feminine related issues was through long, painful procedures such as surgery or CO2 treatments that were very expensive.

What to Expect:
The appointment begins with a consultation from one of our medical providers to review your medical history and current health issues and to discuss treatment details. Then the first treatment appointment in a series of three is scheduled. Each treatment is 30 minutes and is scheduled every thirty days over a three-month period. We will ask you to shave the evening before your appointment. Once the treatment begins, gel is applied to your labial area and a small wand the size of a finger massages the outer labial area and vagina in a gentle up and down motion. The temperature controlled radiofrequency traveling through the wand stimulates the body’s collagen, tissues and muscles. On the same day of treatment patients can return to their normal activity including going to the gym and intimacy. Once the series has been completed we recommend a follow-up treatment once a year to help maintain optimal results. Results vary depending on the patient, but for most people, results will last about a year.

ThermiVa in Seattle:
Dr. Peter Jenkin is a member of the Thermi Clinical Advisory Council and had a unique opportunity to learn about THERMIva before it became available nationwide. His practice, Dermatology Associates of Seattle had already been using radio frequency treatments developed by Thermi for several years. When Dr. Jenkin learned about a new applicator called THERMIva that could be added to the Thermi device he knew this treatment would change feminine rejuvenation forever. Dermatology Associates of Seattle was one of the first clinics to offer THERMIva in the Pacific Northwest.

Janell Bailey, LMA
Master Licensed Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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