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By Dr. Clara Barnett ND, LAc

Sugar and Skin

What happens to all that sugar floating around in your bloodstream?  Glycation is the process by which sugar attaches to proteins to form AGEs (Advanced Glycosylation End Products).   These AGEs damage collagen and elastin which results in aging of the skin.  Sugar is inflammatory to our bodies and the face is no exception. 

By Dr. Clara Barnett ND, LAc

Dr. Clara Barnett recommends summer foods

Collagen is a protein that provides strength and structure to the body. It has an important role in maintaining integrity, firmness and elasticity to our skin, bone and connective tissue.  The sun, pollution, free radicals, and smoke are all responsible for disintegrating collagen. Collagen production also decreases as we age. 

By Janell Bailey, Master Aesthetician 

Target Your Fat with Vanquish

If you’re struggling to get into your skinny jeans or are tired of hiding your muffin top then consider a fat reduction treatment that is proven to be effective. When diet and exercise are no longer enough to reduce stubborn fat, Vanquish ME treatments are a safe, affordable alternative.   

By Jodeena Soliven, Master Aesthetician 

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As a newborn or child, our skin is at its most plump and best condition.  When we age our skin is constantly changing and our youthful complexion is harder to retain.  Having a good at-home skincare routine with beneficial ingredients like Vitamins A, C, and E can drastically reduce the signs of aging. 

By Dr. Clara Barnett

Acne and Food Dr. Clara Barnett

Endocrine disruptors are compounds found in our diet and environment which mimic our own hormones.  These can be potentially disruptive to normal hormonal signaling leaving our systems out of balance and overstimulated.  Research shows that endocrine disruptors can worsen conditions such as hormonal acne (as in Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS).  The list includes plastics, pesticides, hormones in animal products and other chemicals.

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