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By Clara Barnett ND, LAc

Dr Barnett Good Fats

If you’re like many people, you might be inclined to avoid fat in your diet.  After all, over the years we’ve been told that fat is bad.  The default became carbohydrates and protein.  But fat is an essential nutrient that contributes to invaluable health benefits.  Here a few to keep in mind.

Jodeena Soliven, Master Aesthetician 

5 key ingrediants for even skin tone DA Seattle

Whether you’ve had exposure to sunlight or darkening of the skin due to inflammation, your dark spots can be visibly reduced by using a combination of the below key ingredients.  Melanin, the protein that causes skin to darken, can be influenced by what experts like to call tyrosinase (tie-rah-sin-aze) inhibitors.  Finding products that contain these inhibiting ingredients can help stop melanin production in your skin. 

Jodeena Soliven, Master Aesthetician 

Chemical Peels at Dermatology Associates of Seattle

When clients hear the word chemical peels, they tend to be hesitant about whether or not the service is for them.  Chemical peels essentially give your skin a greater exfoliation while stimulating regrowth of youthful skin cells.  

By Jodeena Soliven, Master Aesthetician 

The Benefits of a using Toner

I ask a lot of my patients if they use a toner, and most of them say “Oh I have one, but I don’t use it” or “No, it’s just an extra step.”  Well, that extra step and bottle collecting dust can enhance your treatment serums and moisturizers that you use after you cleanse. 

By Janell Bailey, Master Aesthetician 

The needs of our skin changes with the seasons and with that change comes the opportunity to reverse the signs of aging and unhealthy skin. A BBL photofacial procedure can prevent skin aging, correct premature aging skin and reverse or delay the signs of skin aging.

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