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By Dr. Peter Jenkin, MD

Dr Jenkin speaks about moisturizers

I get asked about the use of moisturizers on a daily basis.  For many people, moisturizing is a vital part of their daily skin care.  Dry skin is a normal consequence of aging and after a certain age gets worse on an annual basis.  In addition, there are some people with a tendency to have eczema that also tend to have very dry skin.  Dry skin is always worse during the cool winter months than during summer because cold air can’t hold as much humidity and therefore your skin dries out more.

Alcohol and skin

One of the first things I like to remind my patients about alcohol is that it is dehydrating. Skin cells, like all cells in the body, are made of water.  But when there is not enough to go around, water will flow to our internal organs first, sometimes leaving our skin with less than it needs. 

By Clara Barnett ND, LAc


One way to think about a dietary detox is the concept of “deep-cleaning.”

For example, most of us don’t deep-clean our refrigerator very often but once you do it looks like new again.  A periodic deep-clean is a chance to be reminded of the good food you do have and to discard the old food that no longer serves you.  Why would we keep spoiled food in our environment when all it does is occupy space for something more nutritious? Brassicas (broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage), and alliums (onions, shallots, and leeks) contain sulfur compounds that activate liver enzymes for proper detoxification.  There comes a point when it makes sense to do a dietary deep-cleanse.  

By Clara Barnett ND, LAc

A Customized Detox program with Dr. Clara

Do you have a habit of eating the same thing every day or at least several times a week?  Do you wonder or suspect that certain foods don't agree with you?  It might be time for you to give your body a break from your routine and introduce other nutrients.  Good nutrition depends both on what you eat and how often you eat it. 

Jodeena Soliven, Master Aesthetician 

Treating your neck at Dermatology Associates of Seattle

Treating the skin on your neck is just as important as treating the skin on your face and body.  The neck area is one of the most common places to show signs of aging along with the hands and face.  If you are seeing mottled pigment, freckles, or sun damage on your neck, here are a few helpful hints and tips to understand. 

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