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By Clara Barnett ND, LAc

When is the best time to eat breakfast

In a previous article, What You Eat for Breakfast Matters I wrote about the connection between the stress hormone cortisol and blood sugar.  Eating a balanced breakfast with protein can optimize cortisol secretion, which affects energy, mood, and cravings.  Since then, I have received many questions about the most optimal time to eat breakfast. 

By Clara Barnett, ND,LAC
Restricted diets
I’m asked daily by patients and colleagues whether I believe they should go “gluten-free”, “dairy-free”, “caffeine-free”, “vegan”, “raw” etc.  Others wonder about the differences between “Paleo”, “Keto”, “FODMAP” and a host of other popular programs.  

 By Dr. Peter Jenkin, MD
Psoriasis with Dr. Jenkin
Psoriasis is a very common skin condition and the incidence of psoriasis is increasing.  Currently it is estimated that almost 7-1/2 million people in the US have psoriasis and of those almost 2,000,000 have a moderate to severe form of the disease.

By Dr. Peter Jenkin, MD

Dr Jenkin speaks about moisturizers

I get asked about the use of moisturizers on a daily basis.  For many people, moisturizing is a vital part of their daily skin care.  Dry skin is a normal consequence of aging and after a certain age gets worse on an annual basis.  In addition, there are some people with a tendency to have eczema that also tend to have very dry skin.  Dry skin is always worse during the cool winter months than during summer because cold air can’t hold as much humidity and therefore your skin dries out more.

Alcohol and skin

One of the first things I like to remind my patients about alcohol is that it is dehydrating. Skin cells, like all cells in the body, are made of water.  But when there is not enough to go around, water will flow to our internal organs first, sometimes leaving our skin with less than it needs. 

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