Clinical Facials

Medical-grade treatments that infuse essential vitamins A and C for healing and revitalizing youthful skin.

Seattle's Clinical Facial

For overall skin health which transports nutrients to the skin, regulating water balance to the skin, revitalizing the skin, and over-all restoring more youth healthy hydrated skin.

Our licensed Master Aestheticians at Dermatology Associates of Seattle provide clinical facials that infuse essential vitamins A and C into your outer dermis. Our facials last approximately 75 minutes and are personalized to address the needs of your skin. Each facial begins with an expert skin analysis performed by our licensed master aesthetician. We offer professional exfoliation, unclogging of the pores, and blackhead extraction to help you achieve clear, healthy, and beautiful skin.

There’s no downtime with our facials. However, due to the extraction and exfoliation process, you may experience slight redness for the first few hours immediately post-treatment, and you might be red and slightly sensitive for the first day, depending on the condition of your skin. Many clients see and feel a difference right away.

Seattle's premier and most experienced clinical facial clinic

At Dermatology Associates of Seattle, we recommend a monthly facial along with physician-dispensed skincare products to help you maintain lasting results.

Our Clinical Facial Treatment:

We recommend clinical facials as stand alone treatment or in between your laser or light treatments. For optimal results, treatment should be scheduled in a series of 6 visits, spaced with a minimum of four weeks apart.

Environ Ionzyme DF Clinical Facial:

The Environ Ionzyme DF Machine introduces the use of pulsed iontophoresis treatment with active low frequency sonophoresis. This is sound based treatment. The DF Machine has been specially designed for Environ skin care treatment, allowing maximum product penetration for an overall brighter and more youthful appearance. Benefits of DF Facial series is that it is Serious, result-driven treatment to enhance the penetration of the processional Environ products, using low frequency sonophoresis and iontophoresis, suitable for all skin types, conditions and ages. Visible result and maintenance of healthy skin.
Cost for our clincal facials are $175 per 45 minute session [ Learn more about Environ facials }

Chemical Peel Results: Before & After

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Clinical Facials Before & AfterBefore / After