Board-certified as a Naturopathic Physician and licensed in Acupuncture, Dr. Barnett specializes in science-based natural medicine. She strives to provide her patients with impactful ways to improve their overall health. Her passion is working with each patient to determine the cause of their condition and guiding them through practical yet profound changes which can lead to long-term improvements in their lives. "People don't have to live with chronic health issues, and we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their vitality both inside and out." King 5 News regularly features Dr. Barnett as a special guest to speak on current nutritional topics such as immune-boosting foods, balanced lunches for kids, pesticides in our diets, and sugar consumption (click here to view her videos). She is an avid cook and purveyor of all things wholesome and healthful. She is a health speaker, writer, and researcher, and contributes to our Skintastic News Blog (here). Dr. Barnett's practical application of natural medicine, focus on nutrition, and clinical expertise help her to design treatments that meet the needs of each patient's unique condition for lasting results.