Isolaz™ Acne treatments

Laser treatment for Acne

Isolaz™ is the world's only aesthetic technology that combines vacuum with a painless laser.  

Vacuum: Helps loosen and extract dirt, blackheads and excess oil from deep within your pores.

Painless Laser: Helps destroy acne causing bacteria, uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, facial redness and veins as well as unwanted hair.

This incredible therapy, called Photopneumatics™ (Photo = Light, Pneumatics = vacuum), is a proprietary technology available only with Isolaz™ treatments.  Isolaz™ is quick, easy and painless. In fact, many people have their treatments done during lunch without any downtime. Additionally, patients have found their skin feels tighter and has a healthy radiant glow following Isolaz therapy.  Isolaz™ therapy is effective on all skin types.

What will the results be like?

Typically, patients can see a visible improvement in the redness or severity of their acne after their first treatment.  It is important to stick to the treatment plan that has been outlined for you to see the full effects.

What happens during the treatment?

Before your treatment your skin will be cleansed to remove any make up and/or any other facial products.  During your treatment the Isolaz™ vacuum applies gentle pressure on your pores while the painless laser helps destroy the acne causing bacteria. This helps soften and remove blackheads, dead cells and other debris from deep in your pores resulting in radiant, clear skin that is purified from the inside out.  Watch video on how Isolaz works.

Can I return to normal activities after the procedure?

You can routine to your normal routine after your treatment.  You may see some mild redness in the treatment area.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, four to six treatments are needed.  However the exact number of treatments varies from patient to patient and will be determined by your provider.

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