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spectra carbon peel

Image above is the Hollywood Laser Peel. 

Dermatology Associates offers cutting edge cosmetic services in our Seattle office. Our licensed master aesthetician is highly trained in the latest procedures and is supervised by an onsite board certified dermatologist. We offer treatments for brown spots, redness, wrinkles, facials, chemical peels, and makeup consultations for overall skin rejuvenation. Our aesthetician can help you achieve the best skin you've ever had.


  • Facials


    Used For:   Achieving long term results for your specific skin concerns.

    All of our facials are approximately one hour and are customized to address your skins needs. Each facial begins with an expert skin analysis by our licensed master aesthetician. We offer a professional strength exfoliation along with extractions to unclog pores and blackheads. Our goal is to help you achieve healthy, clear, beautiful skin.

    Maintenance & Results:  Many clients see and feel results right away. We recommend a facial once a month along with physician dispensed skincare products to help you maintain longer results.

    Facials We Offer:   Edge Hydrafacial, Ionzyme by Environ

  • Chemical + Laser Peels

    Chemical + Laser Peels

    Used For:  Minimizing texture, pigmentation, fine lines and blemishes of skin.

    Chemical and Laser peels are used to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin on the face. This outer layer of dead skin can build up and your skin care products can become less effective as they once were. Dermatology Associates offers glow peels, vitalize peel, spectra carbon skin brightening peel and salicylic peels.

    Downtime:  Mild to medium redness and the amount of exfoliation will vary depending on the type of peel.

    Maintenance: Will vary depending on skincare goals. Most peels can safely be performed once a month. To maintain results our DA Skincare Glo Weekly wipes can be used at home.

    Post Treatment Insructions:  Use an SPF of 30 or higher and avoid any sun exposure during peeling phase. Do not touch treated site as skin is shedding.

    Results:  Once the outer layers of dead skin have fallen off a smoother more radiant skin will be revealed and results will vary depending on peel used.

  • Microneedling


    Used For:  Stimulating collagen, rejuvenating skin, reducing fine lines and enlarged pores, improves skin texture and the appearance of scars (acne, surgical scars, stretch marks).

    Microneedling is a series of needles that penetrate deeply into the epidermis and upper dermis triggering the healing process and the production of collagen and elastin giving you a more youthful appearance.

    Devices:  Microneedling,Infini

    Downtime: Skin will appear pink for the first 12 hours and could feel like a mild sunburn.

    Maintenance: For best results a series of 3 or more treatments is recommended and can be done as frequently as every 4 weeks until satisfied with results.

    Post Treatment Instructions: Follow instructions and apply products given by aesthetician. Stay out of direct sunlight for the first 24-72 hours. Makeup and sunscreen maybe applied after 12 hours. Avoid facial treatments such as waxing and chemical peels for 2 weeks.

    Results:  Can vary and will be discussed during consultation. The amount of treatments needed will be determined based upon the results you would like to achieve.

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